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Picturesque Tian An 1000Trees in Season of Cherry Blossoms

A review of season of cherry blossoms this year & a rendezvous at 1000Trees next year.

Suzhou Creek Half Marathon——Enjoyment of Scenery along Suzhou Creek Starting from Tian An 1000Trees

Suzhou Creek Half Marathon——Enjoyment of Scenery along Suzhou Creek Starting from Tian An 1000Trees

Tian An 1000Trees Phase I Honoured with ...

Tian An 1000 Trees Shouldering Responsib...

Coming for Love——Christmas Lighting Cere...


光影投稿 | 以1000种角度拍摄,解锁天安·千树不同瞬间



1000 Trees’ signature design style integrates its many different zones into a seamless whole, with a very logical and smooth flow to ensure the most enjoyable experience possible for consumers. Green inspired columns and nature themed surroundings give shoppers the unique experience of shopping, dining and living within a modern experience.


1000 Trees’ overall design flows perfectly with the scenic Suzhou Creek, rising up like tree—covered mountains beside the river in poetic homage to Huangshan Mountain from which it drew its creative inspiration.
The landscaped trees harmoniously blend natural aesthetics, visual art and heritage to create a commercial environment capable of offering an unforgettable shopper experience while maintaining its natural green origins.


Elements of the city’s heritage such as the historical Fufeng Flour Mill and the old Packaging Warehouse are carefully preserved, giving new life and revitalization in homage to the rich cultural past of Shanghai.


Creating the difference with M50 art culture scene to educate the public, breathing new life into the M50 art district.
This showcase to human ingenuity captures snapshots of Shanghai’s rich past and contrasts it with the modernity of the M50 arts district, already renowned for its cutting edge modern art works.

The Team

“Our hope is that 1000 Trees will be a transformative piece of topography and when you zoom in,
it will reveal a multitude of human scale places,
framing the lives of the people that live and work there.”
- Thomas Heatherwick, Founder and Principal of Heatherwick Studio

“1000 Trees was conceived not only as an urban neighborhood revitalization project,
but a well-scaled “Green Lung” space that engages its surrounding neighborhoods.”
- Patrick Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Tian An China Investments Co Ltd


600 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai


Tian An China

Founded in Hong Kong since 1986, Tian An is an investment holding company with its subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures investing in the People’s Republic of China. The Group, when listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1987, was the first China Concept Stock. The Group is engaged principally in the development of apartments, villas, office buildings and commercial properties, property investment and property management in China.


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